Vol 23, No 3 (2019)

Table of Contents

Laboratory diagnostics

The serum levels of cytokines in thyroid heart failure patients PDF
M. S. Zimina, O. O. Andrieieva, S. M. Zimin, K. M. Tkachenko 6-11
Approaches to the implementation of the quality system in accordance with ISO 15189:2015 in the Laboratory of Clinical Diagnostics of the Clinical and Diagnostic Center at the National University of Pharmacy on the example of methods for determining the l PDF (Українська)
S. V. Misiurova, V. Ye. Dobrova, N. O. Svid, I. A. Otrishko, V. V. Propisnova 12-18
The scientific and practical substantiation of the therapeutic drug monitoring procedure: validation of the analytical method of valproic acid measurement PDF (Українська)
V. Ye. Dobrova, O. S. Popov, S. V. Misiurova 19-26

Pre-clinical studies of new drugs

The study of the effect of the lyophilized extract of fireweed herb on the histological condition of the gastric mucosa in rats on the model of ethanol-predinisolone ulcer PDF (Українська)
H. I. Feshchenko, O. M. Oleshchuk, S. M. Marchyshyn, O. P. Andriyishin 28-37
The anti-apoptic action of the combination containing doxycycline and glucosamine in the experimental treatment of the joint syndrome PDF (Українська)
K. M. Tkachenko, I. A. Otrishko, S. K. Shebeko, K. O. Zupanets 38-43
The study of the broncholytic effect of “Bronchosten” extract PDF (Українська)
O. S. Kukhtenko, L. V. Galuzinska 44-47
The study of the emotional and behavioral response in rats after introduction of the neogalenical phytocomplex from Ledum palustre shoots PDF (Українська)
K. S. Tolmachova, I. V. Kireyev, O. M. Koshoviy, K. V. Tsemenko, I. V. Botsula 48-51
The study of the acute toxicity in mice after administration of a phytosubstance glycosides of phenolic compounds from Vaccinum vitis-ideaea leaves in combination with arginine amino acid PDF (Українська)
K. V. Tsemenko, I. V. Kireyev, O. M. Koshoviy, K. S. Tolmachova, I. V. Botsula 52-56

Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy

The effect of combined therapy with statins and levothyroxine on the lipid profile dynamics in patients with a comorbid course of arterial hypertension, type 2 diabetes mellitus and subclinical hypothyroidism PDF (Українська)
V. D. Nemtsova, O. M. Ievtushenko, V. V. Chaikovska 57-63