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Author Guidelines



1. Accepted for consideration are articles that have not been previously published and those that are not under consideration for publication in other publishers.

2. The responsibility for the accuracy and originality of the materials are the authors.

3. Original and other types of articles (up to 6 pages) devoted to the problems of clinical pharmacy are accepted for consideration. The advantage in publishing is provided to articles on clinical pharmacology, pharmaceutical care, pharmacoeconomics, laboratory diagnostics and biopharmaceutical research. Pages of the journal are also provided to materials on clinical toxicology, experimental pharmacology, side effects of drugs and pharmacotherapy.

4. The text of the article is printed in size 14 in 1.5 intervals on an A4 sheet (width of the fields: 3 cm on the left, 1 cm on the right, 2 cm above and below) and begins with the following data: the name of the article, initials and the names of all authors, the names of organizations in which the work was performed, a list of key words (concepts) in the amount of 4-6.

5. Authors should adhere to the general construction plan of the article:

5.1. Introduction Contains a brief overview of previously published work in the studied area, the relevance of the topic.

5.2. Aim.

5.3. Materials and methods (Patients and methods).

5.4. Results and its discussion. Contains the results of research conducted by the author.

5.5. Conclusions.

5.6. References.

6. The article is accompanied by three abstracts in Ukrainian, Russian and English in the form of extended annotation of 200-220 words. Abstracts should contain the UDC index, the title of the article, the initials and surnames of all authors, the name of the institution (s). The resume should be structured in accordance with the general plan for the construction of the article with the allocation of the relevant sections.

Since essays function as a source of information independent of the article, they should be informative (not contain only common phrases), meaningful, structured (repeat the logic of describing the results in the article), concise and clear, with convincing statements. The abstract in English should be original (not a tracing paper of Ukrainian or Russian version).

7. At the same time, the authors provide the editor with the English text of the article for posting on the NUPh website (the authors are responsible for the quality of the presentation of materials in English).

8. Formulas of compounds are submitted in separate files in the format Corel Draw 13; charts and figures – in Excel or Corel Draw 13; Pictures in the form of photographs can be represented by TIFF 300-600dpi Gray Scale files (256 shades of gray). The width of the graphic material should be 5.5 cm, 11.5 cm or 17.4 cm.

9. Articles should use the SI unit system.

10. Drawings and signatures to them are carried out separately from each other; signatures to all drawings of the article are submitted on a separate sheet. On the reverse side of each figure, the number and title of the article are indicated with a simple pencil, and if necessary, the top and bottom.

11. Tables should be printed on separate sheets and have numbering and headings. On the margins of the manuscript, you must specify the location of the figures and tables. The information given in the tables and figures should not be duplicated.

12. The list of references is submitted in duplicate for each copy of the article, printed separately from each other. The first copy is issued in accordance with GOST 7.1: 2006 “The system of standards for information, librarianship and publishing. Bibliographic record. Bibliographic description. General requirements and rules of compilation "(online registration of the bibliography The second one repeats the first one completely, but in Latin (online transliteration is sites / default / files / all_files / 201310_artilces_field_dopmat_files / recomend_rus.pdf).

12.1. The list of literature should contain publications over the past 10 years. Earlier publications are allowed only in special cases.

12.2. The original works cite no more than 15 works, and in the reviews – up to 50.

12.3. References do not include works that have not yet been printed.

12.4. The list of literature is printed on a separate sheet.

12.5. In the manuscript, literature references are indicated in square brackets in accordance with the list of references.

12.6. The numbering of sources in the list of references is carried out according to the order of references to it in the text of the article.

12.7. If only one author’s works are listed, they are placed in chronological order by the date of their publication.

12.8. Each work in the list of references should be referenced in the text of the manuscript.

13. All materials are submitted to the editors on electronic (MS Word format) and paper (two copies) and are accompanied by an expert opinion, which allows for open publication. The second copy of the article must be signed by all authors.

14. The authors of the articles submitted to the editorial board for publication in the journal, by their personal signatures on the copies of the manuscripts of the articles indicate:

- consent to the maintenance by the editors of the records necessary for the processing of personal data of the authors (full name, academic title, academic degree, position and place of work, address for correspondence, work phone, e-mail) to ensure relations in the field of intellectual property, including copyright ;

- permission to publish the personal data of the authors (full name, academic title, academic degree, place of work, work telephone, e-mail) in the journal along with the article;

- consent to the publication of the full electronic version of the article (or abstracts of the article) on the websites of the National University of Pharmacy, the National Library of Ukraine named after V.I. Vernadsky and other portals of scientific periodicals with the obligatory indication and preservation of personal non-property copyrights.

15. The article is accompanied by a referral from the organization in which the work was done, addressed to the editor-in-chief.

16. The article on a separate sheet is attached information about the authors (in Ukrainian, Russian and English), which contain academic title, academic degree; surname, name and patronymic (in full); place of work and position occupied by the author, address for correspondence, telephone and fax numbers, E-mail.

17. Authors must conclude an “Author's agreement on the transfer of non-exclusive property rights to a scientific article” and submit it in the original version with all authors' signatures (

18. Authors must register on the website of the NUPh Publishing Center ( and submit the article through the site as well.

19. Authors must be registered in the unified international register of ORCID scientists (

20. The editors reserve the right to edit the article.

21. Upon receipt of an article drawn up in violation of these rules, the editors reserve the right not to register the article, not to review and not to return to the authors, as reported by the authors.

22. Articles sent to authors for correction should be returned to the editors no later than 10 days after receiving comments.

23. Refusal to publish may not be accompanied by an explanation of the reason and cannot be considered a negative conclusion about the scientific or practical value of the work.

24. Priority for publication is provided to English-language articles.

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