Vol 21, No 3 (2017)

Table of Contents

Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy

Pharmacoeconomic approaches to forecasting of the budget impact and compensation for rotavirus enteritis in children in Ukraine PDF
A. S. Nemchenko, M. V. Podgaina, M. V. Balynska 6-10
Prospects of application of the complex with artichoke and garlic in clinical medicine PDF (Українська)
Ye. F. Grintsov, A. I. Fedosov, V. A. Moroz, Yu. V. Timchenko, A. S. Shalamay 11-20

Pre-clinical studies of new drugs

The study of the anti-exudative action of the combined cream-gel with glucosamine hydrochloride, hondroitine sulfate, camphora and menthol in the experiment PDF (Українська)
S. M. Zimin, S. K. Shebeko, O. O. Lyapunova, T. S. Zhulai, O. O. Andrieieva 22-28
The behavioral and neurotropic effects of naloxone in mice PDF (Українська)
S. Yu. Shtrygol’, I. M. Podolsky, D. P. Kavraiskyi 29-34
The study of the follicle stimulating action of the cream with plant substances PDF (Українська)
M. I. Fedorovska, N. P. Polovko, O. V. Antymis 35-40
The effect of thick burdock extracts on development of model hyperplasia of the prostate gland in rats PDF (Українська)
C. G. Shchokina, G. V. Belik, T. O. Kutsenko, D. V. Semeniv 41-45
The study of steroid distribution in emulsions by the spin probe method PDF (Українська)
O. P. Bezugla, A. M. Lyapunova, I. A. Kirilyuk, O. M. Lyapunov 46-54
The biopharmaceutical study of doxycycline interaction with mineral waters and soft drinks in vitro PDF (Українська)
A. O. Dobrova, A. S. Materiienko, O. S. Golovchenko, V. A. Georgiyants 55-62