The study of the follicle stimulating action of the cream with plant substances

M. I. Fedorovska, N. P. Polovko, O. V. Antymis


Androgenetic alopecia (AA) refers to polyetiological diseases and needs a complex treatment. One of the important approaches to the AA treatment is administration of natural and synthetic vasodilating remedies.
Aim. To study the vasodilating and follicle stimulating action of the cream with sabal extract and Sophora Japonica tincture.
Materials and methods. The pharmacological studies were conducted in adult male rats stimulated with baldness by oral administration (5 mg / kg) of boric acid for 14 days. After that, the cream developed and the reference drug were applied to the clipped skin on the animals’ back for 14 days with the hair length control. Then the weight of a new clipped fur was compared, and the percentage of dystrophic hairs was determined microscopically. The randomized skin biopsy was performed, and the vascular bed and the hair follicles density were assessed in the samples obtained using the histological analysis.
Results. According to our studies, the cream developed accelerated the recovery of the rat fur growth, improved its quality by increasing the new fur weight and reducing the percentage of dystrophic hairs compared to the control group (untreated animals). The application of this cream stimulated dilatation of the subpapillary and dermal blood vessels. Intensification of the blood supply was accompanied by an increase in the number of mast cells due to their degranulation. The increase in the epidermis thickness, the number of hair follicles (89 % of hair follicles were in the anagen phase) and their active regeneration were observed.
Conclusions. Thus, the cream with sabal extract and Sophora Japonica tincture developed when applying locally exhibits the vasodilating and follicle stimulating effect.


androgenic alopecia; cream; follicle stimulating effect; vasodilating effect


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