Vol 23, No 4 (2019)

Table of Contents

Pre-clinical studies of new drugs

The study of the impact of herbal medicinal products in soft dosage forms on the burn wound progression in the experiment PDF
T. I. Iermolenko, N. G. Ruda, O. I. Pautina 04-09
The experimental study of psychotropic and neurotropic properties of Acorus calamus leaves PDF
L. V. Derymedvid, L. A. Korang, V. V. Tsyvunin 10-16
The study of the efficacy of combined medicines of quercetin and glucosamine derivatives in rats with the end-stage renal failure PDF (Українська)
S. K. Shebeko 17-23
The comparative study of the anti-inflammatory action of “Аrthritan” and the phytocomposition on its basis PDF (Українська)
Yu. M. Naboka 24-29
The study of the effect of the low molecular analog of neuropeptide Y on behavioral reactions in rats PDF (Українська)
A. L. Zagayko, I. O. Havrylov, D. V. Lytkin 30-36

Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy

The mapping procedure as an essential process during clinical trials PDF (Українська)
A. P. Komarova, K. O. Zupanets, O. O. Andrieieva 38-44
The pharmacoeconomic analysis of the cost efficiency of trastuzumab in the adjuvant therapy of HER2 + early breast cancer PDF (Українська)
N. V. Bezdetko, O. V. Muzhychuk 45-51
The methodology for development and standardization of medicinal, veterinary and cosmetic agents based on sapropel and its processing products PDF (Українська)
O. Ye. Strus, N. P. Polovko 52-62