The comparative study of the anti-inflammatory action of “Аrthritan” and the phytocomposition on its basis


  • Yu. M. Naboka National University of Pharmacy, Ukraine



“Arthritan”, phytocomposition, anti-inflammatory effect, carrageenin inflammation, rats


According to the WHO expert estimates, 75 % of patients can be cured with the help of herbal remedies. Therefore, the future of modern medicine and pharmacy is associated with the integration of the evidence-based and natural medicine. The drug “Arthritan” manufactured by LLC “Zemna Green Planet” based on extracts of the medicinal plant raw material – willow bark, Echinacea flowers, birch leaves, elderberry flowers – is a promising drug for rheumatic diseases and potentially has the anti-inflammatory, analgesic, chondroprotective effects.
Aim. To study the anti-inflammatory properties of “Arthritan” and the phytocomposition based on it in order to substantiate its use in clinical practice as an anti-inflammatory, analgesic and chondroprotective agent.
Materials and methods. The anti-inflammatory effect of “Arthritan” and the phytocomposition based on it was studied on 50 white non-linear rats of both sexes using the carrageenan inflammation model.
Results. On the model of exudative inflammation of the extremities in rats the drugs “Arthritan”, “Nephrolik” and the phytocomposition exhibit a moderate level of the anti-inflammatory effect, which is the most pronounced when using the phytocomposition and reaches 29.2 %. Under the effect of “Nevrin” the anti-inflammatory action is statistically insignificant or weakly expressed and reaches the maximum of 14.7 %, which does not have pharmacological significance since the level of the pharmacological activity of at least 20 % is significant for the experimental study of anti-inflammatory and / or analgesic agents. This allows us to conclude that the basis of the relatively high anti-inflammatory activity of the phytocomposition is the summation of the pharmacological effects of “Arthritan” and “Nephrolik”, and the contribution to the final level of activity of the research combination of “Nevrin” is insignificant.
Conclusions. In the course of studying the anti-inflammatory properties of the drugs under research on the model carrageenin inflammation of the rat’s foot the anti-exudative effect of various severity was found, which amounted to 19.8 % for “Arthritan”, for “Nevrin” – 14.7 %, “Nephrolik” – 21.0 % and their combinations – 29.2 %. By the level of its anti-inflammatory activity the phytocomposition studied significantly exceeds the activity of its components. It is based on the summation of the pharmacological effects of “Arthritan” and “Nephrolik”, while the contribution to the final level of activity of “Nevrin” is insignificant.

Author Biography

Yu. M. Naboka, National University of Pharmacy

postgraduate Student of the Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacy


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