The experimental study of the myocardium functional state under the influence of Diclocor in conditions of furazolidone-isadrine lesion

S. K. Shebeko, O. S. Russkin


It has been presented the results of the studying on the influence of Diclocor on the functional state indicators of rat’s myocardium in conditions of furazolidone-isadrine lesion. After a medical application of Diclocor the normalization of both, general functional indicators − electrophysiological parameters of myocardium, and some blood biochemical indicators of experimental rats − the AST, LDH level, TBA-reactants, DC was observed. The obtained data testify about expressed anti-inflammatory action of the investigated medication in comparison with reference objects, which mechanism is caused by the membrane stabilizing and antioxidant types of activity as for the affected cardiomyocytes. Received results allow considering the perspectives of further experimental study of cytoprotective potential of original medication Diclocor on different models of inflammatory and dystrophic in condition of myocardium lesion.


myocardium; furazolidone-isadrine lesion; biochemical indicators; electrophysiological parameters; antialterative properties; drug Diclocor


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