The morphological study of anti-alterative properties of the drug “Diclocor” under conditions of furasolidone-isadrine myocarditis in rats


  • I. A. Zupanets National University of Pharmacy, Ukraine
  • S. K. Shebeko National University of Pharmacy, Ukraine
  • O. S. Russkin National University of Pharmacy, Ukraine



morphological study, alterative lesion, Diclocor, rat’s myocardium


The article presents the results of morphological study by assessment of the antialterative activity of the drug Diclocor (capsules) of PJSC SPC "Borschagivskiy CPP" production, which is an original composition of NSAID diclofenac sodium with flavonoid quercetin. During the study was calculated the values of the mass coefficients of hearts (MCH), analyzed morphostructural changes and conducted semi-quantitative assessment of the degree of necrotic lesion in rat’s myocardium. According to the results of the conducted study it was found that the effectiveness of the drug Diclocor, its ability to normalize values MCH in rats with furasolidone-isadrine lesion of myocardium was 79% and was significantly higher than in the reference objects. The results of semi-quantitative assessment of the degree of necrotic lesion in rat’s myocardium confirm the ability of the study drug to restore the morphostructures of the rat’s myocardium at conditions of alterative lesion. Pronounced antiinflammatory effect of Diclocor on the model of furasolidone-isadrine myocardial lesion in rats allows to substantiate the prospects of application of the investigated object as a cardioprotective remedy.


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Pre-clinical studies of new drugs