Formation of the system of indicators for the assessment of the social responsibility of pharmaceutical business

O. V. Posylkina, Yu. S. Bratishko, H. V. Kubasova


The article deals with the urgent problems of social development of pharmaceutical enterprises in the conditions of introduction of quality management systems. The need to create a method for assessing the social responsibility of pharmaceutical business, which would meet the economic situation in Ukraine taking into account the pharmaceutical specificity, has been proven. The social responsibility of pharmaceutical business should be understood as the ability of subjects of the pharmaceutical branch to assume liabilities of the financial, economic, social and ecological character for consequences of their activity towards the state, society, surrounding community, the personnel, business partners and other interested parties; it is implemented in ethical behaviour taking into account the interests and expectations of all stakeholders in compliance with the current legislation and the international standards on the principles of voluntariness and mutual benefit. The social responsibility of pharmaceutical business consists of the quality component, social, ecological, administrative, legal components and the component of development implemented both in internal and external responsibility of pharmaceutical enterprises. The system of assessment has been created. This system consists of 46 local indicators, which characterize the social responsibility by all its components. The complex indicators characterizing all components of the social responsibility have been calculated. The method of a complex assessment of the social responsibility of pharmaceutical business has been approved at several pharmaceutical enterprises. The results of the calculation are given in the article. Introduction of the method of assessment of the social responsibility suggested for pharmaceutical business allows to determine and estimate the problems in the social responsibility sphere; create conditions of effective quality management; develop effective management system of socially responsible activities; and introduce the practice of open rating for socially responsible pharmaceutical companies.


social responsibility; assessment; assessment indicators; development; pharmaceutical enterprise


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