The histomorphological study of the nephroprotective properties of Gluquamine in the experimental glomerulonephritis




gluquamin, nephroprotective action, glomerulonephritis, histomorphological study


Glomerulonephritis is one of the main causes of the onset of chronic kidney disease (CKD). Development of this pathology leads to imminent renal failure and disability of patients. Therefore, when searching for new agents for CKD treatment it is advisable to study their nephroprotective properties in the conditions of development of the experimental glomerulonephritis.

Aim. To study experimentally the effect of Gluquamine on the morphological structure of the renal tissue in rats with glomerulonephritis in order to substantiate the feasibility of its use in CKD therapy.

Materials and methods. The study was carried out on the model of active Heymann nephritis using 50 rats. To assess the nephroprotective properties of the drugs studied on day 120 of the experiment the histomorphological study of the kidneys was carried out in animals using the standard methods of bright field microscopy.

Results. In the course of the study it was shown that after administration of Gluquamine for two months there was a significant improvement of the morphological structure of the kidneys under its effect in rats with glomerulonephritis compared to the control pathology group. The drug contributed to preservation of the normal cytoarchitectonics of nephrons, reduced manifestations of proliferative, destructive processes and degenerative-dystrophic changes in nephrocytes. At the same time, by the degree of the nephroprotective effect Gluquamine was superior to the activity of the reference drugs quercetin and lespephril.

Conclusions. Under the conditions of the glomerulonephritis development in rats Gluquamine has a pronounced protective effect on the morphology of the renal tissue, and it confirms its nephroprotective properties. Therefore, it is a promising drug for CKD therapy.

Author Biographies

S. K. Shebeko, National University of Pharmacy

Candidate of Pharmacy (Ph.D.), associate professor of the Clinical Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacy Department


I. A. Zupanets, National University of Pharmacy

Doctor of Medicine (Dr. habil.), professor, head of the Clinical Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacy Department

V. V. Propisnova, National University of Pharmacy

Candidate of Pharmacy (Ph.D.), associate professor of the Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacy

A. S. Shalamay, PJSC SIC “Borshchahivskiy CPP”

Candidate of Chemistry (Ph.D.), deputy director of research


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