The pharmacoeconomic analysis of the assortment and availability indicators of combinations of spasmolithic medicines used in the symptomic treatment of irritable bowel syndrome




assortment of combinations of spasmolytic medications, irritable bowel syndrome, economic accessibility, pharmaceutical market of Ukraine


Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is one of the most common gastrointestinal diseases, which belongs to the group of functional gastrointestinal disorders (FGID) and is characterized by a prolonged recurrent, often lifelong course. Despite the benign nature and the absence of the threat of disability or death, IBS negatively affects the performance, the quality of life of patients and requires significant expenditure of the healthcare system on the treatment of this group of diseases.

Aim. To analyze the assortment and availability indicators of the combined antispasmodic drugs (CASD) presented at the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine during 2014-2017.

Materials and methods. The combined antispasmodic drugs available at the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market were analyzed according to the data of the information retrieval systems “Morion” and Compendium online. For the analysis of socioeconomic availability the solvency index Ca.s was calculated. Information on the average wage was obtained on the website of the State Statistical Service of Ukraine.

Results. As of 2017, the pharmaceutical market in Ukraine consisted of 50 TN of fixed CASD. Combinations were available in a wide range of TN and, in particular, by the diversity of different combinations of active medicinal substances. The affordable price range provided an opportunity to choose CASD taking into account safety and therapeutic effectiveness. The main assortment of combined antispasmodics for the treatment of IBS at the domestic pharmaceutical market was formed mainly due to drugs of foreign manufacture compared to monopreparations with the spasmolytic effect. By the indicator of socioeconomic availability almost all CASD during the study period belonged to the group of highly available drugs.

Conclusions. Within 2014-2017, there were minor changes in the range of available combinations at the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine. There were new combinations that appeared for the first time, but there were also those which manufacture was discontinued. The most numerous combination of TN from all the subgroups of drugs was the INN antispasmodic drugs in combination with analgesics by ATC code A03D A02 Pitophenone and analgesics, which in 2017 had 25 TN. The price characteristics on CASD significantly expanded socioeconomic availability for Ukrainian consumers. Most of the CASD belonged to the segment of highly available antispasmodic combinations. Among the medium available drugs some TN were noted in the number of INN by the ATC code combination A03D A02 Pitophenone and analgesics (Metamizol sodium + Pitophenone + Fentiveriene bromide) and by the ATC code combination A03A A08 ** Dicycloverin and analgesics (Dicycloverin + Paracetamol). 

Author Biographies

L. V. Iakovlieva, National University of Pharmacy

Doctor of Pharmacy (Dr. habil.), professor, head of the Department of Pharmacoeconomics

D. V. Zakorko, National University of Pharmacy

student of the 5th year, speciality “Clinical Pharmacy”


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