The study of effects of “Chondrolife” combined cream-gel in the spontaneous pain sensitivity experiment


  • S. K. Shebeko National University of Pharmacy, Ukraine
  • S. M. Zimin National University of Pharmacy, Ukraine



osteoarthritis, glucosamine, chondroitine, topical drugs, pain, analgesimetry


The leading areas of pathogenetic treatment of osteoarthritis include: modulation of inflammation, regulation of metabolism and stimulation of chondrocytes of cartilage synthesis. [6] Reduction of pain - another no less important aspect of treatment [7]. Today, along with the regular use of drugs in the treatment of articular syndrome in osteoarthritis focuses on local therapy, including the use of ointments and gels. [15] The aim of this study was to study the analgesic action of the original cream-gel codenamed "Chondrolife" containing glucosamine hydrochloride, chondroitin sulfate, camphor and menthol. Antinociceptive effect of cream gel "Chondrolife" compared to reference drugs "Chondroxide®" gel and "Fastum gel" studied at cutaneous application on the model karahenin-induced acute gonarthritis in rats by impact to the severity of spontaneous pain using an Incapacitance Tester MkV („Linton Instrumentation”, Great Britain). Cream-gel "Chondrolife " showed significantly better antinociceptive effect compared to the reference drug "Chondroxide®" gel and not inferior antinociceptive activity "Fastum gel" on the 6th hour (in 1 hour after drugs application) and, although the seventh hour activity (in 2 hours after drugs application) of cream-gel " Chondrolife " gradually reduced and slightly inferior activity "Fastum gel", it is likely higher than the gel " Chondroxide®" that gives reason to continue study of combined cream-gel " Chondrolife" as chondroprotective analgesic agent and local use.


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