Macrolide antibiotics: the analysis of socio-economic affordability

N. O. Matyashova, A. I. Yemets


The structure of the pharmaceutical market of macrolide antibiotics in Ukraine has been analyzed; the coefficient of the solvency adequacy has been calculated within the period of 2012-2014. The analysis of the range of drugs and their socio-economic affordability was conducted during 2012-2014 according to the data of Morion Pharmstandard Analytical Market Research System. To conduct the analysis of socio-economic affordability of drugs the coefficient of the solvency adequacy (Ca.s) expressed in the proportion of the average wage spent on the purchase of one drug package has been calculated. According to the data for 2015 macrolide antibiotics are presented in sufficient quality at the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market: 132 TNs taking into account their dosage forms. The number of foreign drugs exceeds domestic supply: 82 and 50 TNs, respectively. The analysis of the pharmaceutical market for 2012-2015 has shown a downward tendency in the total number of offers for macrolides: from 172 TNs in 2012 to 132 TNs in 2015. However, as this study shows, this reduction is solely due to foreign drugs. The number of domestic offers is unchanged over time. Macrolide antibiotics are presented in a wide range, as well as in a various price range, and their high affordability allows patients to choose the drug taking into account its economic opportunities.


antibiotics; affordability; macrolides; coefficient of the solvency adequacy

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