VEN and frequency analysis of the quality of pharmacotherapy of patients with chronic hepatitis


  • O. V. Tkachova National University of Pharmacy, Ukraine
  • N. T. Fung National University of Pharmacy, Ukraine
  • I. V. Zavadska SE "Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy", Ukraine



drugs for the treatment of chronic hepatitis, analysis of the quality of treatment


VEN and frequency analysis were used to analyze the quality of pharmacotherapy of 79 patients with chronic hepatitis (CH) who were treated in a healthcare institution (HCI) in the city of Dnipropetrovskin 2015. It has been found that pharmacotherapy at the HCI corresponded to main areas of the treatment specified in the clinical protocol of medical care (CPMC) to patients with CH.It has confirmed the rationality of drug prescriptions. However, a significant number of prescriptions per a patient (on average 8.9 drugs) indicates the polypharmacy in this department of the HCI. Moreover, according to the results of the formal VEN analysis a significant number of drugs with the index N (non-essential drugs) has been determined; it indicates the need for correction of drug prescription by doctors at this HCI in accordance with the current science-based medical regulations – the National Drug Formulary of Ukraine (the 7th edition) and the CPMC to patients with CH – by reducing prescriptions of non-essential drugs that are not included in these regulations. Today, being developed 11 years ago, the CPMC to patients with CH needs to be updated since it does not meet modern requirements to the current science-based medical practice guidelines that allow making the best clinical decisions in favour of the patient in accordance with the requirements of evidence-based medicine.


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