The problem of pharmacotherapy quality assurance and ways of its solution


  • A. V. Stepanenko Ukrainian Military Medical Academy, Ukraine
  • V. E. Blikhar I.Ya. Horbachevsky Ternopil State Medical University, Ukraine



pharmacotherapy, hypertension, industry standards in healthcare


The solution of the problem of pharmacotherapy quality assurance in modern medical practice is an urgent issue in the healthcare system of Ukraine. The aim of this paper is to assess compliance of pharmacotherapy of hypertension with the provisions of industry standards in healthcare. 502 Outpatient medical records of 15 central district hospitals (CDHs) in the Ternopil region have been used. The comparative assessment of compliance of pharmacotherapy in the outpatient setting with the provisions of the unified clinical protocol of medical care “Hypertension” developed on the basis of evidence-based medicine and the fourth edition of the National Drug Formulary, as well as their local analogues has been conducted. The first place in the structure of the drugs used was taken by the group of ACE inhibitors, being 29.4% of the total number of prescriptions; the group of drugs – BBs – was 14.0% in the structure of all prescriptions; drugs from the group of CCBs with the predominant effect on blood vessels were quite actively prescribed (9.2% in the general structure). The groups of other recommended drugs were also used – diuretics (3.8%), ARBs II (1.3%), alpha-adrenergic blockers (0.2%) and combined drugs (3.5%). Thus, in general, the results of the analysis conducted have shown a high degree of compliance by practitioners of outpatient clinics with recommendations as to prescription of drugs from the recommended formulary list and the current clinical protocol of treatment of hypertension as the most clinically effective and economically available for patients.


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