Development of the method for assessment and control of the data management system in clinical trials based on key risk indicators

K. L. Ratushna


Qualitative data are one of the essential elements of the clinical trial quality; they contribute to the evidence-based substantiation of efficacy and safety of a drug making a great impact on success of its approval by regulatory bodies. The paper outlines the method for assessment and control of the data management system in clinical trials based on key risk indicators (KRI). According to the most important characteristics of the project implementation, the list of KRIs, including such three categories as time, cost/resources and scope/quality, has been proposed. The approaches to KRIs interpretation have been also identified; they involve the use of specific intervals of KRIs values (target, threatening, critical). The algorithm of KRIs application and interpretation has been developed. Based on the method suggested we have evaluated the process of case report form completion in Clinical-diagnostic Centre of the National University of Pharmacy as a one of the most important process of the data management system in clinical trial related to numerous data quality loss risks.


clinical trial; risk management; key risk indicator; data quality; trial site


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