The effect of “Poligerbagastrin” granules on the state of the biliary tract in rats under conditions of acute toxic hepatitis

O. V. Gerush, L. V. Iakovlieva


In this work the results of studying the effect of “Poligerbagastrin” granules on the functional state of hepatocytes and the biliary tract of rats with acute carbon tetrachloride-induced liver injury are presented. The relevance of the work is stipulated by prevalence and incidence of sustainable growth of various hepatopathies of nonviral etiology caused by metabolic disorders, intake of ethanol, drugs and other toxic substances. This encourages to search for effective and safe drugs with the hepatotropic action. We have studied the original combined phytodrug – “Poligerbagastrin” granules containing plant powders from helichrysum flowers, corn stigmas, horsetail grass, knotweed grass, chestnut seeds, licorice root and wheat bran. According to the study it has been found a strong therapeutic efficiency of “Poligerbagastrin” granules in comparison with the classical drug “Silibor 35”. The therapeutic effect of “Poligerbagastrin” granules is 1.1-1.3 times higher than in the reference drug “Silibor 35”. The efficiency criteria of the therapeutic activity of the original phytodrug are normalization of the marker indexes of cytolysis (ALT), inflammation (APh activity), recovery of the biliary tract function, improvement of the general animal’s condition. In general, the hepatoprotective effect of “Poligerbagastrin” granules is due to the membrane-stabilizing, anticytolytic, anti-inflammatory, choleretic and antilithogenic action of the complex of biologically active substances of the plant raw material. These results suggest that “Poligerbagastrin” granules are promising for further pharmacological study as an effective and safe hepatoprotective agent for treating acute liver injury.


hepatocytes; biliary function; “Poligerbagastrin” granules; carbon tetrachloride-induced hepatitis; hepatoprotective effect


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