Screening of the diuretic activity from the series of new derivatives of oxamic acid

S. I. Kryzhna, O. M. Litvinova, M. E. Bereznyakova, G. P. Fomina


The screening study of oxamic acid derivatives and their influence on the excretory function of the kidneys in Wistar white rats under conditions of water load has been carried out. The compounds under research are white crystalline substances of the basic character, odourless, with a distinct melting point, soluble in polar organic solvents and mineral acids. The structure and purity of the substances studied have been confirmed by modern physicochemical methods of elemental, IR and PMR spectral, chromatographic analysis and qualitative reactions. The analysis of the effect of these substances on the excretory function of the kidneys have been carried out on white male rats by the method of E.B. Berkhin using a number of animals with 7 rats in each group. The activity of the compounds studied was compared with the activity of well-known drugs – hypothiazide, furosemide and adiurecrine. A number of compounds caused decrease in urine output in animals. The diuretic activity of the compounds was influenced by the chemical characteristics of the substituent and its location. As a result of the research performed substances increasing diuresis with the diuretic activity exceeding that of the reference medicine – hypothiazide – have been found. Substituted amides of arenesulphonyloxamic acid are a promising group of compounds for further pharmacological study with the aim of development of new medicines with the diuretic activity on their basis.


oxamic acid derivatives; excretory function of the kidneys; diuretic activity


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