Modern problems of morbidity, clinical and epidemiological features of the psoriasis course in patients of the kharkiv region

A. A. Kotvitska, V. V. Carlo


The data on the current state and the major trends of the psoriasis morbidity in the Kharkiv region have been given in the article. It has been noted that psoriasis takes one of the leading places among the chronic diseases of the skin and it is not only medical, but also social and economic problem. A discrepancy between the official and the actual data on the prevalence of psoriasis in Ukraine has been proven. It has been determined that data about visits to medical preventive institutions do not reflect the actual number of patients. As a result of the structural analysis of patients by age of the dermatosis occurence it has been determined that almost 90% of the psoriasis patients took ill at the age less than 50 years, i.e. in the most able-bodied age, and 35% of the patients became ill in their teens. It confirms the social and economic significance of the disease. The widespread forms of psoriasis, including Psoriasis vulgaris, and its the most serious complications – psoriatic erythroderma, psoriasis arthropica, generalized pustular psoriasis have been determined. The main problems concerning the incidence of psoriasis in the Kharkiv region have been analyzed and generalized, as well as the main directions of improvement of medical and social care for patients have been identified.


psoriasis; statistical data; morbidity; prevalence; gender-age features

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