The results of clinical and economic analysis of treating children with pertussis, scarlet fever and meningococcal disease

I. O. Fedyak, I. P. Bilyk


The results of clinical and economic analysis of pharmacotherapy of children with pertussis (P), meningococcal disease (MD) and scarlet fever (SF) are given in the article. One hundred and ninety-seven medical histories of hospital patients have been analyzed for the period from 2011 to 2013. The correlation between the patients with P, MD, SF was 17:1,5:1. It has been found that the age group from 1 to 6 years old dominated among infants (43-67%), considerable gender differences were not revealed by pathologies; children with MD sharply dominated in the countryside (80%), as for those with SF, on the contrary, in the urban area (90%). The following medicines were prescribed more often; for treatment of P – the mixture with aminazine, no-spa, amp., tavegil, amp.; for MD therapy – Ringer’s solution, isotonic solution, magnesium sulfate, amp.; for treatment of SF – ascorutin, tab., tavegil, amp., glucose, 5% solution. The most popular АТС-group for treatment of children with SF and МD was the group “Drugs affecting digestive system and metabolism”, it took the second place in pharmacotherapy of infants with P. With the help of АВС-analysis medicines were classified by their contribution in overall costs, which were to average 683,62 UAH per one child with P, 1506,02 UAH per one child with MD, 582,12 UAH per one child with SF in the hospital procurement prices. It has been determined that financial expenses for therapy of ill children were sometimes economically ungrounded due to a great number of medicines with N-index (50-86.2%). Meanwhile, the assessment of reasonability of prescriptions for children with infectious diseases using “formal” VEN-analysis, cannot claim to be objective without review of clinical protocols of diagnostics and treatment in 2004, which presently require updating.


clinical and economic analysis; pertussis; scarlet fever; meningococcal disease; АВС-analysis; VEN-analysis


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