Evaluation of pharmacotherapy of patients with hypothyroidism by the methods of frequence, ABC-, VEN-analyses

I. O. Fedyak, D. V. Semenov, A. Yu. Pustovit


The article presents the results of a comprehensive clinical economic analysis of patients with the iodine deficiency syndrome and hypothyroidism. The study was conducted at the Regional Clinical Hospital of Ivano-Frankivsk. As it is evidenced by the results of frequency analysis, in total 244 prescriptions of 73 drugs – an average of five prescriptions per a medical history sheet were made for 47 patients. In most cases for the treatment of patients L-thyroxine (Berlin-Chemie AG, Germany), which 85% of patients received, was used. However, taken into account the great number of prescriptions for various drugs, L-thyroxine was prescribed only in 16.4% of cases in general. Besides the replacement therapy with L-thyroxine, patients mostly received treatment of concomitant diseases. The list of drugs, which cost was about 80% of the total cost of therapy (group A cost) was determined by the ABC-distribution method; the part of them was 18% in the total names of drugs. Group B was comprised of 31% of all medicines, which cost was 2034.19 UAH – 15% of the total cost of pharmacotherapy. The part of group C by cost was 6%, it contained the largest number of drugs – 37, which was 51%.                                                          The results of the combined ABC/VEN-analyses determined that the highest proportion of costs for the pharmacotherapy conducted fell to the drugs of group N being secondary by importance. Group E was represented by 12 drugs. And the necessary group V was represented only by three drugs (6.4%). The ABC/VEN-analyses conducted confirmed the conclusion of frequency analysis since expenditures were distributed irrationally concerning the importance of the drugs according to the clinical protocol. After the introduction of compulsory health insurance in Ukraine this state of distribution of expenses would be unacceptable.


hypothyroidism; iodine deficiency; retrospective methods of clinical enonomic analysis: frequence, ABC-, VEN-analysis; L-thyroxine


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