The results of the ABC-, VEN- and frequency analyses of pharmacotherapy of the community-acquired pneumonia in children in healthcare institutions

O. A. Gerasymova, I. Ye. Kuznetsov, A. A. Rabochaya, T. P. Krivopusk


The comprehensive assessment of the real financial costs of pharmacotherapy of the community-acquired pneumonia in children in specific clinics of Kharkiv and Sumy has been carried out with the help of auxiliary pharmacoeconomic methods such as ABC-, VEN- and frequency analyses. In each clinic as many as 100 case histories with drug charts of patients with the community-acquired pneumonia at the age from 10 to 12 in each clinic have been analysed. The study duration was 6 months of 2012. It has been found that the main directions of pharmacotherapy in children in the clinic of Kharkiv and in the clinic of Sumy correspond to the Ukrainian clinical protocol of treating disease, but the assortment of the drugs prescribed, the number and the level of implementation of the formulary system in these clinics are different. According to the results of the “formal” VEN-analysis it has been determined that the majority of the drugs prescribed in both clinics (73.91% – Kharkov, 88.04% – Sumy) are present in the State formulary of Ukraine. With the help of the results of the integrated ABC/VEN/frequency analysis it has been found that these drugs are the most part of the doctors’ presciptions (82.78% – Kharkov, 86.55% – Sumy), the main sum of money (Kharkov – 92.37%, Sumy – 92.02%) for pharmacotherapy of the patients under study has been spent on these drugs. In general, the financial costs for pharmacotherapy of pediatric patients with the community-acquired pneumonia in the healthcare institutions studied in Kharkiv and Sumy can be considered to be rational and economically reasonable, but the approaches to pharmacotherapy require further correction in accordance with the State formulary of Ukraine.


community-acquired pneumonia; pediatric patients; pharmacoeconomics; ABC-analysis; VEN-analysis; frequency analysis


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