Open chances: pharmacoepidemiological analysis of dynamics of statins consumption in ukraine

N. V. Bezditko, O. Ya. Mischenko, I. V. Chynush, V. Yu. Adonkina, I. S. Bondarchuk


The leading cause of mortality in Ukraine are cardiac and vascular diseases. Hypercholesteremia is an important risk factor for development of cardiovascular disease (CVD). A high preventive efficacy of statins for correction of hypercholesteremia and reduction of the risk of CVD has been proven by a great number of meta-analyzes. The purpose of our research is analysis of the consumption dynamics of the statins group drugs (C 10 A) in Ukraine during 2008-2012. To determine the volume of drug consumption the ATC/DDD-methodology and the data of the reference retrieval system “Medicines” of Morion company for 2008-2012 have been used. Based on the analysis of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market of statins it has been shown that currently all 7 statins INN, which are available in the world, have been registered in the country; they are presented as a whole by 186 drugs, both of foreign and domestic manufacture. Thus, there is a real opportunity to use drugs of the group of statins in clinical practice. It has been determined that by the volume of consumption in DDDs/1000/ day index as of the beginning of 2013 statins are in the following order: atorvastatin (4.89) > simvastatin (1.92) > rozuvastin (0.25) > lovastatin (0.10) > fluvastatin (0.0023) > pravastatin (0.00012). Over the past five years the total volume of consumption of statins in Ukraine increased by more than twice. The comparison of the volume of the total consumption of statins and the incidence rates of CVD among the population has shown that only 0.12 million (0.26% of the Ukrainian population) take daily one DDD of one of statin drugs. Taking into account the fact that the prophylactic administration of statins should be done daily throughout the life the use of these drugs in Ukraine are now to be regarded as very low and does not correspond to the morbidity level of cardiovascular diseases.


pharmacoepidemiology; statins; consumption; ATC/DDD-methodology; incidence


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