Analysis of the assortment and economic availability of neuroprotectors at the pharmaceutical Market of ukraine

I. E. Kuznetsov


The article presents the results of analysis of the pharmaceutical market and economic availability of medicines with the neuroprotective action. Neuroprotection is one of the important directions of the differentiated pharmacotherapy during the acute period of the cerebral circulation impairment (ACCI). It has been found that the maximum achievable therapeutic effect of neuroprotectors could be obtained only in case of observan of three basic principles of evidence based medicine: to prescribe medicines, which efficiency has been proven in large randomized clinical trials or in meta-analyses; to start the treatment as soon as possible (during the first hours from the moment of the ischemic stroke attack); the appropriate efficiency of these medicines can be reached only at the background of the optimal level of the cerebral blood circulation. The volume of neuroprotectors consumption in Ukraine is rather high, and it leads to considerable expences for ACCI pharmacotherapy. At the modern pharmaceutical market of Ukraine medicines with the neuroprotective action used in the treatment of ACCI are widely provided by 26 International Nonproprietary Names (INN) in the form of 85 trade names (TN) produced in different countries of the world. The ratio of domestic and foreign medicines is 1:1.4. The prices of medicines vary in the broad range from 0,68 UAH to 4286,65 UAH, and it gives the opportunity to choose medicines considering their clinical efficacy and cost. Among the INN medicines with the neuroprotective action only 5 medicines (19%), namely glycine, GABA, piracetam combinations with cinnarizine and GABA, and vinpocetine proved to be the most available to consumers. It has been determined that the rate of prices elevation for the majority of the neuroprotectors analyzed are higher than the rate of the wage growth during the period studied. It raises a question of choosing the optimal neuroprotective medicines on the basis of the pharmacoeconomic assessment results.


pharmaceutical market analysis; medicines with neuroprotective action; economic availability; ischemic stroke attack


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