The effect of the artichoke leaves extract on the postnatal development of offspring of female rats with the alcoholic placental dysfunction

I. M. Ryzhenko, N. Ya. Asadullayeva, G. V. Zaychenko


The experimental research of the artichoke (Cynara scolymus) leaves extract (ALE) influence on the postnatal development of the Ist generation rats born by female rats with the ethanol-induced placental dysfunction (PD) has been conducted. It has been found that the therapeutic and preventive regimen of ALE and the reference medicine Solcoseryl from the 14th to the 19th day of gestation (on the background of introduction of 40% ethanol solution in the dose of 4 g/kg) reduced the level of death in infant rats: ALE in 2.4 times and Solcoseryl in 1.6 times compared to the untreated control. The medicines studied caused a significant weight gain in rats compared to the control pathology group. From the 1st to 14th days of the experiment the weight gain caused by ALE was more significant. The difference in the efficacy of the medicines was not further observed. Introduction of ALE and Solcoseryl also promoted the correction of pathological deviations in the postnatal development of infant rats. Moreover, ALE showed a higher activity compared to Solcoseryl. Therefore, the data obtained allow to recommend ALE for the preventive correction of alcoholic embryopathy developed on the background of PD.


artichoke leaves extract; Solcoseryl; alcoholic placental dysfunction, postnatal development of infant rats

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